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W o m b







"This will change you for the rest of your life, this isn't anything you can find anywhere else, this is the real deal. And you will transform, shed, die and rebirth as the woman you have always been beyond all conditioning." - Rowan



You want to taste the radiance, vitality + power of your Woman Self   so that the life of your dreams becomes your waking reality?


  • YOU DESIRE TO HAVE AN INTIMATE + NOURISHING CONNECTION WITH YOURSELF. You are done with the self-criticism, mean inner dialogue and all the ways you dishonor + abandon yourself. This is where you fall in love with your uniqueness + let your magic shine out so that your soul sisters + the union of your dreams can find you.

  • YOU DREAM OF OPENING YOUR WOMB TO ORGASMIC PLEASURE. All women want to experience a healthy womb + a hearty sexual fire burning within. The days of trying to get to orgasm through the mind are over - we explore dimensions of pleasure embodied here in our wombs. When we surrender our need to control, she can show us a juicier, deeply delicious place of pleasure. Orgasm is just the beginning - beyond lies an entire untapped universe of erotic sensation.
  • YOU KNOW YOU ARE MEGA TAPPED IN + YOU DREAM OF SHARING YOUR *TRUE* MEDICINE WITH THE WORLD. You were born with healing hands. You've always been able to see + feel what others cannot. It's time to remember that you came into this life with specific multidimensional gifts + tools to support you on your path in this lifetime. This is where you reclaim the ancient-future wisdom of your lineage once more + come out of hiding... all. the. way. Your ancestors + descendants are here to support you on your path - this is the place you learn to lean into their loving hands + open to the guidance of your legacy.

  • YOU HAVE A BIG DREAM IN YOUR HEART + HUNDREDS + THOUSANDS OF WOMEN TO SERVE. You came here to make a BIG impact - the way you make art + make love matters. You are ready to face yourself at the deepest level because you know you can only take your clients as deep as you've gone - and that there is more beneath the surface that is calling you to root into your feminine being. She is the wild creature within you that will keep you in check as you scale in sacred service. You know you are done living in your masculine + ready to root all the way down into your primordial feminine intuition. Your feminine longs to flow at her pace + you know bone deep it's time to listen.

I *thought* I was listening to my womb - until the day I heard her scream "stop abandoning me!"


I was doing all the right things to get my "body back" after pregnancy - working out hard and starving myself on juice cleanses. Until one day I slipped on the ice sledding with my kids, and my uterus prolapsed (which is a nice way of saying the opening of my yoni was now covered).

Why? Because I wouldn't face my childhood sexual trauma or birth trauma from "trusted midwives", and I definitely didn't want to accept the fact that my marriage was over and there was no one coming to save me. So when my womb called me forth, I panicked. I was immobile for months and had pelvic pain for another year afterwards. I didn't know if I'd ever be able to race with my kids again. I worried I would never be able to make love without experiencing pain again. I cried myself to sleep praying for the answer.

And the answer came. She called me to close the temple doors of my womb; there was work to be done. I stepped into a 3+ year journey of celibacy that would transform everything I thought I knew about myself, my womanhood and this earth plane. I dove head first into the deepest, darkest places within me. Through the thick goo of shame, resentment, and guilt and into the pristine waters of power, passion and prophecy.

I forgave myself and others. I healed my daddy issues and uncovered a newfound (and ancient) devotion and love for the masculine. The physical symptoms of itching, burning and discharge vanished. My womb was purified and a sense of safety reclaimed, allowing me to access states of orgasmic bliss with grace. And above all, a sense of power, truth and belonging was remembered.

My womb had to scream to get me to listen to her guidance, and I'm so glad I did. For she led me to the life of my dreams - living sovereign with my wild boys in the lush, tropical jungle in a union only God could have chosen, and living my prophecy of supporting women in coming back home to their wombs, their dreams and their True Feminine Frequency.

You have yet to meet the most powerful version of you - a woman who is rooted in unshakable trust in herself + her intuitive gifts.

This is the place you turn your heart in Her direction.

This is the place you face your fear of letting go of control + learning to trust the unknown.

This is the place where you create a relationship with your true + natural feminine way of being.

This is the chapter where you remember how to flow with Her, as Her.

Primordial WOMB


The most potent ancientfuture technology isn't AI babe

- it's your womb.

In this 3 month intimate training, you are going to meet your multidimensional medicine + turn it all the way UP!

On the other side of facing the womb pain + trauma of your lineage line is the sovereignty, aliveness + belonging you've been praying for. When you stop running from your true primordial power + turn your heart in Her direction, every facet of your life begins to shift + change.

Your womb is divinely wired to guide you in creating the life your soul desires for you. You've tasted your power... but you know there is still more that you cannot see, cannot reach on your own. You are here to leave a legacy of light + will do whatever it takes to uncover the brilliance of your heart. 

Your union, family, community + God all deserve to experience you as the primal, wild + earthen woman that you came here to be. This is where you give yourself full permission to live life as your True Self - untamed, fiercely loving + free.


A woman who is connected to her primal power, womb-sense + embodied in her magic is unstoppable. Sister, this is where you remember who the fuck you are.


Each woman has her own personal Oracle - it is the voice of her Cervix


  • BECOME THE BOLDEST, MOST EMBODIED VERSION OF YOU. You are done watering yourself down, babe. You want to be seen, heard + felt as the powerful woman you know you are. This is where you fully claim Her.

  • UNDERSTAND YOUR WOMB ON A QUANTUM LEVEL. Her voice, her flow, her knowing. You are ready to lay down your egoic desires at the feet of her wise council. After all, your cervix is the talking stick of God - come hear what she has to say.

  • HONE YOUR PRIMAL INTUITION + BECOME THE HUNTRESS OF YOUR LIFE. Women KNOW. Activate your innate GPS system + remember how to navigate your unique path with curiosity, wit + devotion. Say goodbye to ever questioning yourself again.
  • RECLAIM THE ANCIENTFUTURE TOOLS OF YOUR LINEAGE LINE. Call forth tools and rituals from your ancient ancestors + tap into the guidance of your future children. This is where you dip your hands in legacy. Step out of the "me" and tap into the wisdom of the "we".

Welcome to the World of Womb


Phase 01:

Placenta Prophecy - Retrieving Your Origin Story

As women, it is our innate nature to continuously flow through the life/death/life cycles. Our placenta is the keeper of our origin story; we will go to her to retrieve keys to unlock core codes of your true feminine frequency. Your Mother Wound is going to come up - this is the place we go in + heal this split with our soothing, loving balm.

Phase 02:

Your Cervix is the

Talking Stick of God

Your cervix has a face + a mouth; she is the voice of your intuition. Lay down your ego, leave the chaos of the mind + sink down into the soft, velvety embrace of your own personal Oracle. This is where we unlock our Oracular Vision; our ability to see in the dark. She is the tap-root of your ancient knowing. Confusion is a thing of the past once you learn to trust your cervix to guide you.

Phase 03:

The Chalice Womb - Devotion of the Spheres

Your womb waters are a sacred well + your pelvis is the chalice. Learn to use your blood to complete cycles + break curses/spells on your lineage line. Cleanse your inner waters of past lovers, return to grace + baptize your womb in preparation for your beloved + children. This is the place you make peace with your inner union + tune your heartstrings to the truest song of love.

Phase 04:

Erotic Innocence - Flowing from Pain to Pleasure

Your erotic innocence is the purest force within you - which is why it's been feasted upon. Here we face our womb trauma, forgive ourselves + reclaim our birthright to feel the pleasure states + orgasmic bliss vital to our feminine nourishment. When you hydrate your pussy, life flows in a new way. Lay new foundations of safety so your lovemaking + self-pleasure can become a holy act of remembrance, in alignment with your womb's deepest desires + divine design.

Phase 05:

Lineage, Legacy + the Descendants as a Lighthouse

Your ancestors are at the oars behind you, you can't see them but they can see you + they are propelling you forwards. Your future children are here right now, guiding you towards them. Learn to expand into the quantum to retrieve wisdom from the ancestors + descendants as an ally on the path. You don't need a DNA test to find your place of belonging in your lineage line - they are here with you right now, can you feel them?

Phase 06:

The Multidimensional Medicine Woman

We've awakened our power, healing gifts + inner knowing. This is the place we expand our capacity to navigate in the quantum realm + activate our unique medicine bundle within. There is no more hiding; this is where you claim your fullest, truest Feminine Frequency + you shine as the brilliance you are. This is where you turn your unique light + magic all the way up! Otherwise how will your soul fam + clients find you? This is the place you *finally* show the world who you are.

Meet Your Guest Teachers

Alexandra Smith


Alexandra is the founder of Dragon Medicine where she specializes in empowering others to heal their bodies through Inner Landscape work. With the medicine comes a deep and intricate understanding of how to navigate one’s body in order to remove and heal any and all types of dis-ease whether that be energetic or physical. 

Alexandra combines her extensive knowledge of Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, Elemental Work & Quantum Physics to create a fun, explorative and creative space for all to enjoy!

With over 10 years of experience, Alexandra will be bringing her wisdom into Primordial Womb with bi-weekly inner landscape journeys, to make the invisible visible once more.

Rowan Garlow


Rowan utilizes voice dialogue (parts work), somatic experiencing (nervous system work), inner child and soul retrieval for stabilizing, healing and integrating unresolved trauma.

She assists others back into a greater sense of wholeness and resiliency within themselves.

Rowan works with treating the symptoms of biological, psychological, emotional and spiritual disharmony caused by trauma and PTSD/CPTSD.

She is our trusted trauma-informed practitioner, and will be offering us bi-weekly trauma and nervous system specific support, to ensure wholeness, safety and complete integration as you walk through the deep work within Primordial Womb.

Ginger Kern


Ginger is a writer, mentor and guide for women on the path of the Devotional Feminine. Her approach is rooted in sovereignty, soulfulness and full-range embodiment.

Ginger's advanced work, including her group journey Chalice, helps women restore right relationship to men and masculine principles in service of Union and Legacy with men worthy of worship.

Her work has been celebrated for helping women reclaim the innate safety, potency and discernment of their wombs, and for permissioning women's oracular nature.

Ginger will be teaching on entraining our systems to trust mortal men and Holy Mother Father God.

Chrissie Fire Mane


Chrissie has always been guided by the excitement of empowering people to be creators. Named 'chaqaruna' or Bridge-Person by the Q'ero, Wisdom Keepers of the Andes, her North Star is activating and rewilding humanity with modern and indigenous wisdom, reminding people of what is already inside but forgotten or suppressed.

The journey of motherhood has greatly shaped Chrissie's path, raising her two wild children travelling the world and sitting in sacred ceremonies, learning from elders. Her spiritual path led her to the Peruvian Andes in 2012 where she was initiated as Chullu Chaqera, or Sweat Lodge Mama Qona in 2017.

Chrissie will be teaching on what it means to move as a real, live medicine woman in our modern world.

When you join Primordial Womb you will receive:

Weekly Ceremonial Transmissions


Each week we will gather for a deep + luscious 2 hours of multidimensional transmission, story medicine + a guided exploration into the inner realms to see + retrieve. You've never experienced a call like this before - these transmissions run soul deep. Experience the magic of moving medicine in a live group field + find your place of belonging around the fire of lifetimes.

An Exclusive "Medicine Cabinet" of Tools


Each phase will include a video library of embodiment practices, practical tools + guided inner landscape journeys to take you deeper in the teachings + support you in integrating this wisdom in a powerful way. Your tool kit is about to get an upgrade, babe. Bring your basket, because its about to be filled to the brim with keys + codes to help you understand your unique path.

A Private Group Chat for Your Burning Q's


You'll gain access to our Primordial Womb channel where I'll be answering your questions + shares everyday - and dropping some codes that I am picking up on in our shared group womb field. When we do womb work, stuff is gonna come up. But you don't have to wait until the next call to get some guidance - I got you. I serve my medicine a little differently... it's the kind that warms you to the bone. This is a great place to practice taking up space, speaking your truth + being witnessed in sacred vulnerability + imperfection.

The Sisterhood You've Been Praying For


This is the place you meet the conscious, powerful, no bs sisters you have been dreaming of. Each woman in this container is hand-picked to create a circle of women that can journey the depths of their wombs together in power, connection + truth. I promise you, the caliber of medicine + maturity of the women in this program is going to blow your mind... + definitely open your heart. Here we heal our sisterhood wounds + become skilled at sharing territory with other powerful, beautiful, talented + successful sisters.

And these bonuses:


  • ACCESS TO A MONTHLY COUNCIL CALL.¬†This will be a space for you to come and practice sitting up tall in your medicine woman self in a circle of sisterhood. Learn the ancient architecture of the "talking stick" while embracing the opportunity to take up space and share from your heart (and womb) in a sacred way.

  • POWERHOUSE¬†GUEST SPEAKERS. I'm bringing two of the most potent¬†women I know teaching on true feminine energetics right now. This program wouldn't be the same without dripping in some of their medicine; this is gonna shake the grids.

  • ACCESS TO MY MOST POTENT MASTERCLASSES + PLAYLISTS. For the sisters who are looking to go all the way + embody this medicine - I've got you covered. Enjoy dipping into some gem teachings from my treasure chest that are sure to make your eyes sparkle.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE WOMB MEDICINE YOU PRAYED FOR.¬†Truth is, I'm just getting started. God has shown me that there is a feminine revolution happening + I'm honored to have my heart + hands in it. The online learning portal is over 100 videos deep and going to keep expanding +¬†growing as you do. And it's here for you as long as you want it.

*Once you click this button, you’ll be taken directly to the application. You’ll be asked a few questions to see if you’re a good fit and will be given the price of the program. If you're the right fit for Primordial Womb, we'll reach out to you within 48 hours and discuss next steps for enrollment.

What the Women are saying:

Lauren Ray

"Working with Autumn has called me back home to myself, to my divine union, to my family + to God. It was a true remembrance of how to navigate my life with confidence, love + grace."

Katya Nova

"Working with Autumn is like sitting in ceremony with the cosmic mother + wise elder all at once. If you're reading this, don't hesitate another second, drop into her medicine - you've been led here for a reason."

Hannah Sophia

"Autumn is a force of love + creation. Her voice is intuitive + powerful + her connection to spirit has deep roots + wide wings. She supported me during my second birth + I can say, this is a woman with rivers of healing, story + song within her womb."

Sandra Matic

"Autumn's heart-led support + wisdom have helped me to now have a conscious connection to the endless teachings of my heart, womb + power.

I have established a healthy self-awareness + remembrance with which I feel rooted + empowered to step into my full embodiment of this beautiful experience we call life.

Never have I felt more held in a sacred sisterhood space. Thank you Autumn, dear sister, for all that you are + all that you share. Your presence has touched me + my family deeply."

Joanna Zlatanov

"Autumn has a way of holding space that is equally grounding + uplifting. Everything from her voice to her prayer to her spiritual connection is sacred. I was able to receive clarity on where I was neglecting my inner work + thus my womb + tune back into my feminine energy. I felt so seen + safe in her container to open up + discuss topics that I don't usually speak about due to past traumatic experiences that have stifled my inner connection.

I continue to look back on the notes from our sessions almost a year later! That's how powerful her medicine is."

April Stone

"In my time working with Autumn I have retrieved so many pieces of self I had abandoned in an effort to live a practical life.

I have learned how to track prayer + prophecy like the big cat medicine that I carry, how to sit in my skin when it's not easy + how to take steps when I previously would have left my path.

Working with Autumn is laughter, synchronicity, fire + reclamation on a whole new level. Only say yes if you want to dive deep, release what's not yours + reclaim all that belongs to you."

[Client Name]

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[Client Name]

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[Client Name]

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Rachel Reed


 "I experienced a full body YES when Autumn announced this course, Primordial Womb. The name alone shook me to my core as I felt the expansive energy behind it. I breathed through the fear response attached to time and money and chose to dive in. I learned and honed the power of safety and how much information, guidance and beauty is available for me when I’m deeply connected to my womb. This connection has initiated me into a more radiant and authentic woman. 


I've come to have a felt sense of my soul song, a deeper connection with my lineage and a true knowing of my place as a daughter of God. I've experienced a huge recalibration into my feminine essence and received tools to cultivate more feminine maturity, a gift that will continue to give long after this course is complete. Autumn is absolutely and fiercely loving and capable of holding such a deep space of remembrance for powerful women, shining the light of truth and making it playful and delicious."


Ma√Įa-Rose Uslaro Jemima Ashongowei


 "The name PRIMORDIAL WOMB is not a mishap - as a Nigerian woman blessed to sit in global women circles, this sacred container, unlike any other, has cut through all barricades of difference and restored us women to the Primordial matrix of our original indigineity, The One Womb. This is the Rite of Passage that shatters the dams of Patriarchal amnesia and resurrects us into the chamber of truth that is our seat of untamed POWER.


The way the ancient wisdom and power of womb moves through Autumn's oracle, weaves itself through this circle and holds us within its vortex of transformation, is indescribable. I would love to return season after season, inviting  every woman and sister in my orbit to this altar because this is the place where our highest authority and the Wombanifestation of the deepest desires we hold as women, is finally fully reclaimed."


Carly Jade Popp


"After following Autumn's work for several months, I pounced on the chance to work with her when she released Primordial Womb. There was a deep knowing within me that sensed she was the woman to guide me into true connection with my womb and into a more loving, trusting relationship with myself. Each call with her, and the dear sisters alongside me, held an offering of a thousand keys unlocking the bountiful treasures that my womb has been wanting to uncover for what felt like lifetimes. The way Autumn articulates her knowledge and delivers the teachings is an art form in itself and I was captivated with every sentence she spoke.


As my inner connection to my womb deepened, my outer world reflected the changes I was going through. I started to listen in and life started to deliver some of my deepest dreams, realizations and healing into reality. Autumn is so nurturing and welcoming, and the safe space she holds so naturally allowed me to be in full trust from the moment I began this journey with her. Choosing this path was by far the best investment I'll ever make in this lifetime. Thank you Autumn for being the divine woman to bring us these codes of remembrance that we all so desperately need."

Brina Stone


"Autumn's medicine runs deep. It is the kind you can feel in your bones. The kind your womb has been longing for. She holds the perfect sweet and raw tincture of wisdom, intuition, vulnerability, authenticity, passion and humor. The circle of sisterhood is potent medicine in its own right, with a sweet circle of curated sisters who each carry their own special magic.


The practical somatic tools and bonus masterclasses weaved in makes the journey even more holistic. This is the multidimensional journey into the magical realms of your womb that you didn't know you've been waiting for. Jump in."

Sophia Tollefson


"This has been a deep calling home. I’m witnessing this program transform me from the inside out daily. I’ve embraced my path as a mother, anchored in a whole new way with the deepest clarity and love! Everything that led me here into this space, and to you Autumn - the whispers and pulls from my womb and THE womb that’s been guiding my way all along, and that I’m now coming to know and hear with a deeper listening.


I had just come out of some deep medicine journeys and the next day Autumn came onto my path. I was pulled and quite literally called from my womb to join Primordial Womb. A resonance so deep, now I see why. The bigness of this work and what you/we are all doing brings tears to my eyes. The next sisters to step into this are in for such a quantum leaping, DNA altering, consciousness expanding TREAT! And we love a good treat haha. It is an honor to walk with you all."


Róisín Bourke


"Primordial Womb changed my art - from dipping my toes in my soul waters, to swimming deep in my multidimensional ocean. The whole program gently sang and cooed over all aspects of my being with remembrance and ferocious love. Before I stepped into Primordial Womb, I was feeling lost and looking for a deeper connection to myself and my art. I knew I had soooo much inside that wanted to be birthed, but I was flowing into upstream rivers.


Autumn  walked me to the rivers within that have been here long before I took my first breath, and showed me how to trust and flow with them and their architectures. This beautiful space has shown my body and my being that the path I've been searching for has always been right here. Autumn's container is no joke. She created a space of cellular remembrance, spell breaking and deep integration, all woven together. Your understanding of womb, sisterhood and life is going to be taken on a journey to a whole new level of being. Primordial Womb is a gift to women who are ready to remember."


Serena Gee


‚ÄúAutumn has a way of holding space that is simultaneously deeply safe for the darkest most shame-filled parts of ourselves, while also calling us to rise into the truth of our magic. She is a highly initiated medicine woman who holds the lantern as she walks alongside you with reverence for the medicine of your own womb. Her womb medicine appeared at the precise right moment, when I had gone as far as I could go on my path of healing + remembrance while avoiding this deep and painful place within me‚ÄĒ where I‚Äôd shoved down so much rage, grief + also aliveness and bliss.


Autumn‚Äôs guidance brought me into connection with these deeply buried parts in a way that made me feel not only ‚Äėnot alone‚Äô but reminded me how much I am a part of something enormous ‚ÄĒ a part of my lineage, of this earth + a part of the shared sisterhood of all women always + in all ways. She brought light, softness + compassion for parts of myself I have been deeply embarrassed + ashamed to admit even to myself, + also didn‚Äôt let me off the hook in that compassion to face with courage what I must face.


You can feel her intentionality + the prayers she has laid within every aspect of the container. This is the work of this age‚ÄĒ Woman, descend into the dark underworld of the cosmic portal within you + know that you are held within wise, compassionate hands with Autumn."


Sa Ra Allen


"Autumn is such a beautiful soul. Over the last year I have been honored to be part of three of her wonderfully potent containers. She holds such a beautiful safe space + the way that she weaves her medicine into her stories + the raw truth that she shares, is always so vulnerable. All that Autumn teaches + shares  comes purely from her truth, her journey, her vulnerability + honestly, paves the way for others to go so deep.


Autumn has this unique + rare way of bringing through potent codes that literally illuminate + break the spells that we have been running for so long as a collective. I have healed so much emotionally and physically since working with Autumn!! I've been able to shine the light on hidden parts of myself, that even though I  have done extensive work upon myself, I was not aware of. She has guided me to look deeply into myself for ALLL of  the answers, taking my power back + reclaiming my sovereignty.


Autumn speaks from her truth, no pedestals, no pretense, no judgements. She shares her most intimate secrets + in her presence she makes you feel like you are in the company of an old + dear friend. I just love her work, you only have to watch her in action to see the frequency of the highest love emanating from her. Time + time again, I see the work I do with Autumn unlocking so much expansiveness + rippling out into all aspects of my life. Thank you so much beautiful sister for all that you do and give to the world."

Cody Maher


"I am honored to write this testimonial for a beautiful woman I have come to love. Autumn met me exactly where + how I needed to be met at a most tender time in my life. I am a new mother + navigating a traumatic birth experience + all that comes with having a new baby. After our first session I knew that Autumn was someone I needed to keep working with.


The practices she has introduced me to have felt deeply nourishing + healing, + our sessions always help me anchor + move through exactly what is needed in that moment. She is flexible, wise, humble, rooted + loving. She is walking her talk + that is felt. I feel truly blessed to have this powerful + brave leader in my life for both myself + for my daughter."

Bevin Slade


"Working with + learning from Autumn was truly a surreal experience. She is a woman who embodies the medicine she teaches. She's gone through the deep + arduous shadow work + it really shows in the purity of her love + the clarity of spiritual wisdom she embodies.


She taught me the importance of taking time to tend to + connect with my heart, womb + cervix + how they are all intimately connected. She helped me deepen my connection to the intelligence of my heart + womb, + to better distinguish my own intuition.


Autumn is one of those rare beings you come across who holds a field of such heart-felt + devoted love. Her wisdom + insights cut through all the delusions + stories we tend to get caught up in, + she brings you straight back into the clarity + truth of what Love + Spirit look like embodied. To work with Autumn + receive all that she has to offer is truly gift that will leave one forever changed."

Maria Banobre


“When I first found Autumn, I knew she'd appeared because she had something big to show me. I consider her soul family as her energy truly allowed me to remember the power I held within.


I spent 7 weeks deep in Autumn's field in her container Sovereign + she gave me the gift of remembering how to fully step into my power. She supported me to reinstate my warrior woman tools + the realization that I had been using them all along, but unconsciously. My frequency shifted immeasurably while working with her + for that she will always hold a special place in my Soul's journey."


[Client Name]


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Alexandra Smith


"Autumn entered my life during a time of great victory + great grief. When our paths crossed I was at my highest peak. She assisted me in cultivating + fine-tuning the deepest medicine I had ever shared with humanity. Autumn called me forward into a deeper role with prophecy than I ever saw for myself. She held me through my whole pregnancy; a place of vibrancy + love. When I gave birth, my prophecy turned darker as my son was given only a few days to live. But with the grace of God, he ended up living for 6.5 months - a true warrior.


I share this because Autumn was the one who showed up for me in the darkest + brightest points of my life. She was the first to call + listen to me wail in my father's arms during my son's death transition. She held the strongest prayers for me throughout every peak + valley. You don't come across a woman like this often. Every container of hers holds you like this. It doesn't matter how dark the path is or how bright the sun is. Autumn will see you through it all. With steady hands, strong feet + a guiding heart + womb, her medicine is a gift to humanity.


She has changed my life forever in the most sacred ways. Autumn has shown me what true sisterhood is like; she held me through the deepest + scariest initiations of life + not once did she falter, or say it's too much for her. She sat there with me, shoulder to shoulder, through it all. I pray for whoever is reading this, that they too can taste the medicine Autumn so dearly shares. Because you deserve it. You deserve to be held + cared for on your path, through every turn + fork in the road. You deserve it. We all do."

Your womb is a multidimensional ocean - and you've been swimming in the shallow end.

Are you ready to claim the most powerful, radiant  turned-on version of your True Woman Self?


*Once you click this button, you’ll be taken directly to the application. You’ll be asked a few questions to see if you’re a good fit and will be given the price of the program. If you're the right fit for Primordial Womb, we'll reach out to you within 48 hours and discuss next steps for enrollment.